Finding The Best Solution For You

We are a unique blend of talent, philosophy, and experience. Our mission is to find solutions that fit the needs of any client’s business, rather than making the business fit a specific solution.

Our staff does not have to “meet a quota” set by software or hardware manufacturers. We only recommend software or hardware when the solution makes sense and fits the client’s operations. Our transparent perspective on solutions ensures we never up-sell and always have your best interests in mind.

By not force-selling our product and instead finding the best solution for you – the client – we are able to:

  • Empower business owners with enough information to make sensible technology decisions,
  • Allow a business to focus on core issues, not technology ones,
  • Be a true client advocate, protecting a company from being oversold and from exposure to technology risks,
  • Never mandate a certain product or solution, instead focusing on multiple options to solve the process or IT problem,
  • Find and implement a realistic mix of technology and process enhancement, and
  • Make our clients our Partners.


” As Principal of a specialized technology consulting firm in a large metropolitan market, I have been exposed to many IT professionals in my career. Ashley is the only consultant that I know that can hear a client describe a technology or process-related frustration, restate the pain in a problem definition, and match the client’s needs with a solution – either one on the market or custom created. I think she was born to solve business problems, and just happens to use technology solutions.”

Rizwan Sheikh
Principal at Austin CSI

“Sheer Technology helped us understand why we did not have to buy new software to automate mail-outs to our clients. After Sheer Technology’s help, our point of sale processing is much quicker, and we have a simple process in place to help us with our marketing initiatives. We also experienced very little down time, as the analysts agreed to work after hours. In retail, that’s critical.”

RL McCary
Owner of McCary’s Jewelers

“We came to Sheer Technology in need of better web representation and could not be more satisfied with the result. Our online presence was elevated beyond our expectations. Sheer Technology custom built a more useful tool for our firm, highlighting the distinguishing characteristics, creating an interactive client portal, and seamlessly organizing the extensive background information of our five offices. We received invaluable training that allows us to make edits in-house. We definitely recommend Sheer Technology’s expertise to anyone who is looking for a more thorough web resource.”

Geoff Gonella
Cornerstone Government Affairs

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