Application Integration

Today, most businesses use multiple software packages and have multiple locations and networks to manage. Efficiency is created by connecting the disparate systems together, ultimately reducing redundant data entry and making it easier to share information. Sheer Technology has the expertise to guide your business through identifying where integration is needed and managing the integration process.

Examples of common integrations where we can assist include:

  • Accounting and production systems,
  • Outside payroll, online bill pay, and internal accounting systems,
  • Inventory, RFID, and sales systems,
  • Outlook calendar, and
  • Home and business networks.

Product / Service Selection and Implementation

Selecting or upgrading software, hardware, and other network items for your business does not have to be painful. Sheer Technology has significant experience in the technology product and services market and will manage the selection and implementation process.

Let Sheer Technology help you:

  • Identify specific business and functional requirements,
  • Identify list of software candidates (prepackaged or custom development) to meet requirements,
  • Compare software functionality to requirements, and
  • Support software installation.

Network Solutions

Ranging from periodic or full-time network support to high level network assessments, planning, and budgeting, Sheer Technology provides networking services to any sized business.

Let Sheer Technology help you:

  • Select, implement, configure, and maintain network-related equipment – including servers, workstations, wired and wireless networks, internet connectivity, intranets, web hosting, email services, and telephone systems;
  • Provide services on a one-time basis, at regular intervals, or as a full IT Outsourcing engagement; and
  • Assess network security, create formal disaster recovery plans, and manage data storage.

Website Design and Search Engine Optimization

When the public wants to learn about your business, the first step is visiting your website. The Web is a platform that has essentially replaced the phonebook. You want your business to stand out from the competition and leave a creative, resourceful image in your customers’ eyes.  Sheer Technology helps clients design professional, powerful websites ranging from simple brochure sites to full-scale web portals.

Let Sheer Technology help you:

  • Create and implement a dynamic online presence for your company;
  • Suggest and/or recommend updates and improvements for an existing website; and
  • Move your website towards the top of the results when the public searches for companies offering your product or services.

IT Infrastructure

The one-stop IT Department for your Small or Medium business.  Specializing in business IT strategy planning, networking, security, backup and disaster recovery strategies, desktop computer support, and all IT related training.


“Sheer Technology was able to help translate the extensive FDA requirements into terms and concepts that made sense for our business model and product development. Without their relentless commitment to this product’s success, we would not have experienced such a smooth, efficient FDA filing.”

Jodi Funderburk
VP of Development, Constant Care

“We came to Sheer Technology in need of better web representation and could not be more satisfied with the result. Our online presence was elevated beyond our expectations. Sheer Technology custom built a more useful tool for our firm, highlighting the distinguishing characteristics, creating an interactive client portal, and seamlessly organizing the extensive background information of our five offices. We received invaluable training that allows us to make edits in-house. We definitely recommend Sheer Technology’s expertise to anyone who is looking for a more thorough web resource.”

Geoff Gonella
Cornerstone Government Affairs

“Sheer Technology helped us understand why we did not have to buy new software to automate mail-outs to our clients. After Sheer Technology’s help, our point of sale processing is much quicker, and we have a simple process in place to help us with our marketing initiatives. We also experienced very little down time, as the analysts agreed to work after hours. In retail, that’s critical.”

RL McCary
Owner of McCary’s Jewelers

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